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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Exchange' started by Anonymous, 4/8/11.

  1. Anonymous


    would really like to get my hands on a pair of these at a reasonable price...

    was bidding on a unworn pair of these on ebay...starting bid with shipping was $199.99, with a buy it now @ $254.99...like a dummy, i bid on them today, after watching the auction since last weekend, as it ends tomorrow, mid-afternoon....I figured nobody else would really be interested in them, and i got in an instant bidding war, and ran up the price of the auction, in spite of the other bidder doing the same to me...before i know it, it's up to $280 bucks, and i'm the high bidder, i didn't even mean to run it up that high, but in my fit of mini-rage, here i was the high bidder on a pair of glasses i could have originally bought outright for $25 cheaper..then just before starting this thread, i was outbid..so i'm drawing the line and stepping away before i do something stupid... :lol:

    so if anyone has a pair of these they'd be willing to part with...new, used, in good condition obviously, as i'm sure there aren't any careless members on here...i'd be willing to buy them..at a decent price.
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  2. Anonymous


    hey ive got a pair that im looking to sell. PM and i can send pics and more info

  3. Anonymous



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