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  1. mopiko

    mopiko Oakley Collector

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    hi guys,

    I need some input in identifying a couple of xmetal parts.
    Pulled straight from the database

    Please correct me if im wrong

    1. Bridge pin :- i believe is the 2 metal pins that goes in the center of the bridge?
    2. Bridge Flex coupler:- Is the rubber part sandwich 'inside' the bridge
    3. Orbital gasket:- the small rubber piece that holds the lens at the bottom?
    4. X-metal bridge bolt??:- any idea?
    5. X-metal stem bolt??:- any idea?
    6. Stem washer:- the circular plastic for anti-friction purpose?
    7. Pin gasket BLK LF:- what is this in black and left?
    8. Pin gasket BLK RT: what is this in black and right?

    X-metal database - identification - upload_2014-11-13_0-14-18.png
    Last edited: 11/12/14
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  2. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    @THE X-MAN could speak to this better, but aren't the rubber pieces in the flex coupler nosebridge left / right specific? If so, maybe those "pin gaskets" are the rubber pieces in the nosebridge (the pins certainly go through them) and the "flex coupler" part is something else.

    Or maybe you're right on the flex coupler and those bolts / pin gaskets are for a different x-metal frame?

    I'm just guessing... too bad the db doesn't include pics of the parts...
  3. Carrera1963

    Carrera1963 Lover of Juliet Premium Member

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    Yeah, I don't quite see what this db is getting at either. For me, the flex coupler is comprised of the left and right gaskets and the pins that secure them in the nosepiece. I guess you could argue that the nosepiece is part of that arrangement too, as it holds the pins. What room that leaves for a separate flex coupler I don't know, unless as Kronin suggests, it's for a separate model?
  4. MJLSr

    MJLSr Oakley Expert

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    1) Yes, I believe we can all agree on what the bridge pin is :)

    ...its funny as the list "BRIDGE PIN STRAIGHT", since they generally need to be replaced once they are bent!

    2) Same as #1, more bridge pins, different finish - 'blasted, maybe similar to X-Metal?

    3) Yes, an orbital gasket. They are the same on both sides, left and right, interchangeable. etc...

    4) Is the X-Metal bridge bolt for the X Squared or R1? That is my best guess based on the information provided.

    5) "Stem bolt" would likely be the same as "ear stem", which makes sense.

    6) Stem washer... Yes, the anti-friction and alignment 'calibrating' washers. Note the Oakley OEMs are small and thin, needing 2 or more on the top and bottom. It is not uncommon to need 1 or 2 on the top or bottom then 2 or 3, I've even seen 4 on the opposite side. LG and other aftermarket are thicker, often requiring only 1 per top/bottom. I mention this as obviously 10 washers may only be enough for one pair of glasses if you do 2x4 = 8 pieces average per pair.

    7 & 8) While it makes some sense that a 'pin gasket' would go around the pins, there is no difference between the left and right - the pieces inside the nose/bridge that the pins go through are the same. It could be the same but I have never heard it called that before. Is this perhaps for the X Squared or R1? (I am not really sure what this is? o_O)
  5. MachineHead

    MachineHead Oakley Enthusiast

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    by process of elimination, I came up with this:

    1Bridge pin :- pins that goes in the center of the bridge
    2Bridge Flex coupler:- rubber part sandwich 'inside' the bridge
    3Orbital gasket:- the small rubber piece that holds the lens at the bottom
    4X-metal bridge bolt??:- r1 orbital screw
    5X-metal stem bolt??:- hinge screw
    6Stem washer:- circular plastic for anti-friction purpose
    7Pin gasket BLK LF:- r1 orbital gasket left (probably bottom)
    8Pin gasket BLK RT: - r1 orbital gasket right (probably bottom)
  6. mopiko

    mopiko Oakley Collector

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    Thanks a lot guys for the input!
    I'd try to screenshot it's part number too if It make any sense at all.
    Might make sense Prob to oakley rep who has access to Xmetal db?
  7. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Forum Sponsor Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Nose flexors are front to back, they are the same , just flipped to the other side.if you look at a oem flexor there is a letter F on it meaning forward facing.if you dont face them correctly.....you will have alignment issues.
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