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X metal frames


I should Work at Oakley
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I find myself having spent a lot of hours on this forum the past couple of weeks and I have yet to find a complete list with pictures of all x metals released.

I was hoping that someone here would take the time to show what all the frames are, top, front and side view as well as coins (if they) came with the shades.

I understand that there is some hundreds of colorcombos but that's irrelevant if the special editions don't vary substantially in design.

anyone up for the task?

an Oakley rookie

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Why does it take you back to the home page when you click on the link ??
Because it reduces the amount of traffic there not used by forum members there but rather by the forum members here.
Imagine a noob here discovers Ichiro x metals, fails to use the search bar here and instead goes there. Imagine how much traffic goes there from here and doesn't join or contribute there? Bandwidth = $