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  1. Razerwire

    Razerwire And then there was X...

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    Is that the only case that can contain a Romeo 1.0?

    The newest X-Metal soft vault can fit a Romeo 1.0 but I feel like it's to a point of near bursting.
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  2. motoGP_fanatic

    motoGP_fanatic Disciple of X-Metal

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    We have the same concern but I guess the x-metal soft vault is what is readily available right now, so no choice but to get one for those sweet Romeo 1.0 of yours, like I did mine.
  3. bubba g

    bubba g Oakley Beginner

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    They fit fine, IMO. Its just the tip of the hammerstems that goes right up to the edge of the case, but the soft vault have rounded edges, so I doubt it'll exert much stress on the frames. Best part of all, they're pretty cheap, I bought mine for $20 at the Oakley Vault at outlets.