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X Metal XX keep a hero from going blind, but need repair...

Titan X

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Clearwater Florida
congrats on all your accomplishments as a boyscout and beyond. this is a great community and i have seen people here bend over backwards to help out someone who needs it. as a collective we will get those glasses as new as possible. By WE i mean the great customizers and tune up pros along with some of us regular guys pitching in on funds. Its a great thing you are doing for him.

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When you get him all set back up might note that those are now highly collectable and valuable. Lots of folks don't realize the value of X Metals. I would bet $375 in current condition and $500 refurbished or somewhere in between. You guys are the best for taking care of this gentleman! Hope to do deals with all of you in the future!


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I can do the job but send It to Brazil and send it back may be more expensive than do it with some of the experts in US...


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I just came across this post and absolutely amazing! Honestly, it's great to see people caring for each other. Not a lot of that going around these days. This isn't the first type of post that I've come across on here and even had to mention this to the missus. God bless all of you involved :).


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I want to tell you all how gratifying it has been to have so many of you care so much. Those Oakley save my bacon, and I always liked the way I looked in them. My wife gave them to me as a surprise over twenty years ago, and I've been avoiding wearing them the last few years for fear I'd break them.

Zach is going to be helping me put them back in fighting order, and it's really decent of him, and of all of you, to keep one small good thing in my life. (When you find a thing that works for you, it's a treat to be able to have them, even if it's something most people would think was incidental like sunglasses. Good sunglasses are not in any way incidental, especially for me. I will probably never wear anything but my Oakleys and my Wayfarers.

Anyway, thank you all for this, and thank you, Zach, for being such a professional!

All the best,

George Oldroyd

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