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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Im thinking of purchasing my very first pair of X Metals. I have never owned or worn any before (besides pics online, I haven't even actually seen any!) But after seeing so many here on the forum I think I've finally decided that it's the X Metal XX that I like! In particular 24k/24k Iridium and the Ti02/Black Iridium.

    That being said, I'm hoping someone has either pair they are willing to sell. Looking for a pair in as next to new condition as possible (NIB would be even better) and preferably with the box and coin (as I would very much like to display them in my case!

    Remember, I'm an X Metal virgin.... so please be gentle! :rolleyes:
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous B-)

    Hahah, guess my recent completed collection helped push this decision? Just be aware that most TiO2's you'll come across tend to be fairly used. It'll be pretty hard to find one in next to new condition... and if you do, that's a rare find.

    For the 24k's it actually seems easier to acquire, even though they are more sought after. You'll have to watch that frame though as the gold finish is prone to fading/peeling/flaking if you don't take care of it.

    Both pieces have been fetching around the $350-$400 mark as of late for brand new or close to new. You might find lower prices for pairs without box and coin or with minor imperfections.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of X Metals. Your wallet will hate you :lol:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous I Should Work at Oakley...

    I never thought I'd enter the world of x metals and I am picking these up faster than frogs. It is indeed a very slippery slope!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous B-)

    Hahaha... that's an understatement. You've slipped and cracked your head, Mr. 4 Juliets in one month!

    Oh and Mickle - If the XX's are too hard to get, you can pick up a polished frame juliet with hammerstems as it's VERY similiar to the XX's. The only difference is the colorway and the smaller orbitals. Everything else is the same. And as far as fitment goes, Juliets fit snug on me. XX's are actually a bit looser and using the 25 Tshocks help a lot.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous I Should Work at Oakley...

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I Had a pair of X Metal XX for years, then this year I bought 2 pair of Juliets and gave up my XX for a pair of X squared.

    If you are planning on wearing them a lot, I suggest looking at the X Squared, at first I did not care for them but now I am seriously considering selling my X metal Juliets for another pair of X Squared.. (X Metal or Carbon)
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gascan Addict

    I'm still afraid of getting addicted to the X Metals. They are sooooo expensive haha. Bad for my wallet. I've been looking around for the XX's too. I try on eBay, but the prices get jacked up on their pretty badly. Best of luck!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous B-)

    The thing about X Metals is that they hold their value better than anything else Oakley puts out. So i would say they're a better investment than let's say a limited edition O-frame.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous And then there was X...

    You should help Mickle out and sell one of your four XXs. :p
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    There are some 24k's in close to new condition on ebay at $352, with 4 days left. Check item # 220898329973, sold for $465 with shipping, good condition, but no box. That should give you a ballpark on price. TiO2's tend to go a little cheaper, but people seemed to actually wear those vs. the 24k's that tended to be collectors pieces. As a result it's harder to find one in that kind of condition.