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X metals as investments


Oakley Expert
Put it this way, If i measure my Oakley expenditure in the past 20 months as a bet on them as a future investment, Aligning them as a "Bet" means with my Pedigree the value of XM will very soon Plummet..... 🙄
Me, waiting for the plummet.



Oakley Collector
Even though it was a hypothetical question, I'll admit that I *do* like tangible investments. I'm a big fan of physical silver and gold, and I have several numismatic investments - really old and/or super rare coins (and currency) that are not only an investment, but that give me a thrill to hold and admire and ponder.
Gold is the way brother!


Oakley Beginner
My general feeling is that the value of the original X-Metal will go up. But, tangible or intangible, it's still kind of hard to outperform the SP500 or what you might consider "safe" stocks today. So, the ROI isn't going to be as good as other investments, as I think there'll be a ceiling.

I was thinking through the criteria needed for an increase in value. Here's my take:
  • Supply must stay constant or decrease
    • For X-Metals, obviously production has stopped so this criteria is met; even if there are re-releases, there's probably still a premium / desire for the originals
    • The RIGHT re-release could affect supply though, if Oakley were to truly replicate or make new ones, in large enough numbers, that were somehow more desirable
    • I don't know if the supply will decrease much, since we have folks who can tune up and customize the original frame, etc.
  • Demand must increase
    • As others have noted, if some influencer today were to profess the awesomeness of these sunglasses, that could certainly increase demand
    • If Oakley did do some sort of re-release, that could also increase awareness of the originals, and potentially drive up prices
    • However, I think the biggest downfall for X-Metals as an investment instrument is the question of why would you really want one? For me, the 24k XS seems like a good example: unless you just had to complete your collection, why would you plunk down $1700 or whatever on pristine pair? Would someone today who is JUST getting into Oakley's and learning about X-Metals really want one? This is kind of related to my next bullet
  • There aren't alternatives (you could argue this one could be considered part of Supply or part of Demand, but I'm putting it by itself :))
    • At $2k, there's lots of cool things to blow your money on, that could be considered investment worthy or collectable, why these sunglasses? One would have to have an unique appreciation, such as having grown up during that time period and watched the MI2 trailer when it was released :cool:
  • Your timing has to be right
    • Based on what others have said, the X-Metals are as high as they have ever been, so you'd have to be betting on a buy high, seller higher situation to make money--obviously less desirable than buy low sell high
In summary, from an investment standpoint, I'd rather put that $2k in the SP500 or a stock of your choice (Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, heck even Bitcoin).

But if you want something cool and tangible that you can look at, maybe wear even, remind you of your youth, and not "lose" too much money if you get tired of it, then X-Metals are the ones for you.


Oakley Enthusiast
Gold is the way brother!

As for X Metal, i don't really look at them as an investment. But a collectable with value. Like hotwheels, trading cards, etc. The problem though, gen z has minimal interest in a lot of the 'collectable nostalgia' things. After we all die off, these things won't have any value.


Oakley Beginner
Never seen my X-metals XX as investment, maybe i should. I have had them for over 20 years now and wear them every sunny day, which is not that much in the UK lol.
I say maybe i should as i come close to losing them at least once a year and they have so much history they are irreplaceable.


Oakley Beginner
As with watches, I don't look at X metals as investments.

At the moment, they are the hot item, but, eventually, once interests dies down, so will the prices.