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  1. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Over the next while I intend to photograph and post my entire x-metal collection.Hope you enjoy.

    Starting with the past and the future.

    The first pic is of my XXs bought 14 years ago and of a BNIB pair aquired 3 years back and will be given to my son for his eighteenth.

    The pics following are of the rest of my XXs X-metal/Black, Ist gen 24k ans Two Ti02s all serialised of course and, as with my whole collection, if I have a box it is serial matched.

    X-Metals in Oz - IMG_3960.JPG X-Metals in Oz - IMG_3963.JPG X-Metals in Oz - IMG_3964.JPG
    A couple of custom R1s X-metal/Ruby Ducati rubber and Polised /Jade with Ichiro green rubber.

    X-Metals in Oz - IMG_3976.JPG

    Next are the 24Ks BNIB,and Penny - Copper VR28, Polished /Black and Titanium/Ice all serialised but no boxes.

    X-Metals in Oz - IMG_4028.JPG X-Metals in Oz - IMG_4034.JPG
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  2. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Next is a couple of Plasma /Fire Romeos (complete)
    Then a Polished /G30 Juliet above a 1st gen Ti02 Juliet both serialised but no boxes.

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010004.jpg X-Metals in Oz - P1010001.JPG

    Then we have an early X-metal /Ruby complete and and then a later version serial around 1700 complete.

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010005.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010006.JPG
    Both at home.
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010078.JPG

    Next Infinite Hero Juliet and Finito Juliet.
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010008.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010010.JPG

    Then Cabon Black R2,Plasma/Gold R2,Polished /Titanium R2,x-metal/BI Polar R2
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010012.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010013.JPG

    Gary Scelzi R2
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010015.JPG
    1st and 2nd Gen Titanium/Gold Iridium serialised - no boxes
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010017.JPG
    Corvette Juliet serialised no box though
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010019.JPG
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  3. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Still some good stuff left - 2 pairs of Jordan R1s and a Titanium/Permisson "Sports edition" R1
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010013.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010001.JPG
    Next are a pair of 1st gen Plasma /Fire Juliets followed by a pair of very early X-Metal/BI Juliets
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010021.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010022.JPG

    Polished /Blue Iridium Juliets and Plasma /Ice Polar Juliets
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010024.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010025.JPG
    Now the X-Squared
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010001.JPG
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  4. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Some more Juliets Carbon/BI polar and Plasma /Ice then Polished /Fire Polar (serialised ) ans one of the nicest lenses in my case.

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010047.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010048.JPG

    Juliet X-metal/Gold Iridium and Juliet Brown/Vr28 Black (this one is matched to the box)
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010049.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010050.JPG

    Next we have Carbon/Black Juliet over Plasma /Fire Juliet followed by a Plasma/Ti Clear Juliet.

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010051.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010052.JPG
    Next are my Ichiros All serialised and matched to box.
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010054.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010056.JPG

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010057.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010058.JPG

    Next we have an initial run 4 digit serial x metal Ducati without box ,then a 2 nd run 6 digit serial in complete with box ans a Carbon Ducati serialised and complete.
    X-Metals in Oz - P1010060.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010059.JPG

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010061.JPG

    Finishing up with two more pairs of R1 s complete in Box

    X-Metals in Oz - P1010046.JPG X-Metals in Oz - P1010045.JPG
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  5. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

  6. Dallas O Hog

    Dallas O Hog O.C.D. Oakley Collecting Disorder haha Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Haha a few I've tried to get off u. Sure u don't want to send that romeo my way haha
  7. djhyper66

    djhyper66 Oakley Expert

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    Nice Xmetals! I love XX myself, they fit the best.
  8. ML Surf Co

    ML Surf Co Oakley Beginner

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    Great looking collection!
  9. TheWannaBe

    TheWannaBe Jannard fan club member #1 Premium Member

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    Absolutly awesome collection!!! A rare sight many of these :) love the 24K's
  10. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    A few more pieces added