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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by Hellmut77, 3/4/16.

  1. Hellmut77

    Hellmut77 Premium Member

    Hey guys I recently purchased a NIB Oakley X-Squared; Do you ever notice that some pairs are tighter than others? It is Normal that one side be a little tighter than the other? The pair is flawless aside from this, so a little input would be great.
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  2. Jestered

    Jestered Premium Member

    I'm assuming you're talking about swinging the stems open and closed? If so, that's normal. It's just the screw on one side is tighter than the other. It doesn't take much turning (the screw) at all to tighten or loosen the stems, so it makes sense that one side could be tighter than the other. If it bothers you, just adjust the stem screws to your liking.

  3. Hellmut77

    Hellmut77 Premium Member

    Sorry I should of clarified , I meant the bridge . It's tight but one is a little tighter than the other

  4. Jestered

    Jestered Premium Member

    Ah! Ok. In my experience if they are both tight, but one side has slightly more movement than the other, then that's normal. If there's a problem you should notice a larger gap between your head/face and the ear stem from one side to the other.
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  5. Wavecloud Customs

    Wavecloud Customs Premium Member

    Yeah - not all of my pairs of X Metal are totally symmetrical... Some more than others.. :)
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  6. Hellmut77

    Hellmut77 Premium Member

    Thanks guys , that's what I was thinking . I'll keep my pair , didn't think it was a big issue

  7. Ragnar


    It's only a problem if you hold one ear stem up horizontally and the whole EW droops down lol

    Great choice on your purchase btw!

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