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Hello OF,

Up for sale I have an X Squared X Metal.

The frame, I believe, is a warranty frame as it has the sizing etching but no SKU. It is in very mint condition, no shiny spots I could find.

It has custom cut DWP lenses from 8.75 BC installed. The lenses do not show any gaps from the outside but are cut a tiny bit small for easy lens removal. As a result, the bevel shows on the inside and on vigorous cleaning the lenses do move but not unless forcefully touched.

The lenses don't appear to have any scratches, but I will let the pictures determine.

It comes with an XS X-Metal colorway box and XS coin.

Asking price: $375 PP G&S, shipped within the US is included.

20190713_214459.jpg 20190713_214354.jpg 20190713_214359.jpg 20190713_214258.jpg 20190713_214239.jpg 20190713_214245.jpg 20190713_214209.jpg 20190713_214223.jpg

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This is the exact pair I'm trying to build lol, love dwp

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