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For Sale Xmetal T-shirts - various models and sizes - LAST ONE AVAILABLE

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I picked up a few for me very cheap at a vault, and when I posted them in the "what did you purchased today" many of you asked me if I could find some for them. I only found more at a regular O Store, and they still had them at full price, but I showed them the receipt from the vault and they knocked them down to $18 (+ $1.30 tax). I have some available and could pick up more upon request. Not making any money out of these.

Price is $20 shipped each

Metal Tee - sizes M, L, XL, XXL - METAL on the front and various stems on the back - SOLD OUT
Orbital Tee - Sizes L, X - Orbital gaskets on the front and X on the back - SOLD OUT
Stealth Tee - Sizes L, XL, XXL - Xmetal frame sketch on the front - LAST ONE AVAILABLE Size L


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48 hr bump and price drop

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