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Today I have been burgled. Following items with serial numbers:
TB2 watch: 01417
Tio2 Juliet: JT003131
Romeo1: 096784
Mars Leather:
Xmetal XX: XX008450
Xmetal Penny:XM004101
Pit Boss 1: Matte Black/ Black Iridium Polar

please keep an eye out -

BriP in Perth, Australia

(ps: if you see anything, tag me with the "@" tags or hit me up on facebook.. thanks all.)

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Crap, sorry to hear that. Was this in perth?

Hope you find the missing items man. Feel your pain.

sorry to hear this - it's the one thing, as a collector, that would be my worst nightmare. hopefully they will surface for sale and the scumbag can be found out...

Really sorry to hear that, hope that you get it all back.

does it seem like they knew what they were taking and their value or just part of a random burglary ?

They were in a desktop carousel case - they cleaned out just the one face (out of 4) of the carousel. plus the TB2 and PB1 were on the desk as they are part of the daily rotation. My JBR and Scelzi were in the row right next to them - untouched. C-six and OTTs on the top of the same case, untouched.