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XS #5 - Wasn't expecting to get these just yet


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Austin, Texas
I figured these would be the last pair I would eventually get just to complete the full set. I found a fair deal on these and went ahead and pulled the trigger. These are also 92/750, which I guess is nice, but I wasn't really concerned with the number.

A little too "flashy" for me to ever wear, but I'm happy to have them. It will also make completing the set a whole lot easier at this point. 1 more frame and 4 more color ways to go!

XS #5:

All together:

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Nice. Did it come with the box also

Didn't come with the matching box. I actually needed the box/coin it came in, so that was good, but... The guy misplaced this box, but is gonna try to find it. I'll pay him more for the box/coin when/if he's able to find it. I know a lot of you guys really want the box and everything, and this would be the pair that I would want that with, but I'm ok with them the way they are. If he finds the stuff, great. If not, I'm fine. I don't plan on selling my XS's anyway, so...