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Trading XS X metal wanted

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I recently acquired a very well conditioned 5th gen Juliet Plasma/Ice polarized with box and coin of course. Comes with Micro bag and cloth. Box is very well maintained and there are no visible scratches on lenses. Frames and rubbers are perfect.
The person I bought them from have worn them once and I have tried them twice.

these do not fit my face and I'm asking if someone here is willing to trade.

I'm looking for a pair of XS X metals.

will update thread with pictures shortly

* edit : non-serialized sorry guys

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5th gen Juliet doesn't have a serial. May wanna post a picture.

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I'm not very knowledgeable about the going rate on either. What I do know is that the Juliette's are in very good condition. I would say like new without reading up on the forums rating on such matters.

Im new here so tell me what deals you are interested in and we'll take it from there

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Yep that's a fifth gen. No serial. Just a sku and size. I'll second MsTech's price points.

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I edited the OP.
It was not my intention to mislead. I didn't realize that these were infact missing serials, but they are so... there you go.

Pictures are up and anyone willing to take these plus cash for XS, please contact me.
don't care too much about the coin and box, but anyways; anyone willing to take these of my hands please PM. I can't wear them for sh** so, they are no use to me.

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coin can't possibly be worth much on it's own tho. anyways i can't wear them so probably better to wait for someone to take all

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I definitely wouldn't part it out. That being said, Juliet coins go for 15-20 here and maybe 25-35 on eBay.

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