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Hi all,

This beautiful, first gen, complete set XX TiO2 matching serial on stem & box. Full disclosure below:

Frame: very good 9/10.
Lenses: left very good 9/10, right lens has a scratch about 3mm over the field of vision 7/10
Rubber: very good, oem, like new. Nosepad large and temple 25.
Nosebridge: 8/10.

Box is like new, no sponge. Coin holder still keep coin not tearing much.

$OLD OBO PayPal G&S, shipping incl.


IMG_7975.JPG IMG_7970.JPG IMG_7971.JPG IMG_7977.JPG IMG_7978.JPG IMG_7969.JPG IMG_7966.JPG IMG_7967.JPG IMG_7968.JPG

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