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XxrumkaxX X Metal and Friends Collection


I Should Work at M-Experiment
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After years of lurking here and admiring all the collections I use to think WOW I will never have anything like THAT and for some of them I never will. What I have learned though is collecting is about the individual. What we keep original, what we custom, what we go after, and what we would not. I have enjoyed seeing everyones and figure it is time to share mine.

I have collected, and sold off before and recollected but now I am working on my final and solid collection. Chances are if it makes this thread it is on my post "I croaked" selling list and inventory for my kids, in other words I will not sell them as long as I can take a breath and stay awnry.

No secret XX is my maiden. My R1 collection was just about as large until I hit a hard spot and sold off some a few years back so look for that to increase in time. I already own the plastic stands to put them on so I am kinda committed at this point!

That is my story now enjoy the eye candy but not without one last story...

When I jumped back in hardcore last year after a hiatus the Dillon thing was everywhere and I decided I wanted to make a project out of it that exhibited art and talent of those I would ask to be involved. I befriended @TheDukeOfIce and set up having one of each dillon cut. I just did not know what a great friend I would make at the time and by the end of the project it was just that! Along the way I ran into @gbear who would make life easy and just happen to have a blackout XX for sale he had done by the master himself @THE X-MAN. Then I acquired a beater and had X-man refinish the gold and plasma and asked him to shoot for a shiny bright plasma and he nailed it! My final two were done when I learned of this guy named Zach, @zwc0442. Discovered he came out of my state and more so discovered he is one of the most fantastic, great character, never a bad word to say, harder on himself than anyone else (and it shows in his amazing and talented work). To anodize a blue frame and create what I call the Xeus frame. I believe we ALL have 4 horsemen in us. 4 personalities that show up from day to day and I wanted the 4 of these dillon projects to reflect mine. These guys brought perfection to the table and I might technically own the pieces but they own the art so a BIG TIP O THA HAT and THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

A special thanks as well to my man... The master of chop... @Chris A Hardaway who unless noted cut 98% of the lenses you see that are not OEM! Long time friend in the hobby and someone I enjoy conversing with! Thanks RJ!!!!!

Without further ado ... The XxrumkaxX collection beginning with the 4 horsemen of Dillon!
All 4 Lenses cut by @TheDukeOfIce

Frame by @zwc0442

Frame by @THE X-MAN

Frame by @zwc0442

Frame by @THE X-MAN

Then there are a few more XX's....

My OEM Completes!
IMG_2505 4.jpeg

18K Gold plated acquired from @Japanese Jellyfish

Sapphire Prizm, Torch, Fire Polarized

Emerald Polarized, Maritime Prizm, Jade Prizm

Daily Prizm, Deep Water H20, Burnt Bronze frame by @zwc0442 with Sapphire Snow Prizm


MJ, Bone, and Titanium G2

Nothing short of absolute beauty in that case! Each of the Metals is show stopping and then everything else just adds on top. 😍😍 I am taking notes over here on case set up, custom work, and pairs in general.

I do have a question if you don't mind me asking. The Prizm Snow Black R2, what was the donor lens?