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Discussion in 'Oakley Deals and Steals' started by oakman1992, 2/14/19.

  1. oakman1992


    Yellow MM - 25F85A45-9E27-4259-9D70-E9D288F26428.png Who beat me to this deal as soon as I clicked to buy it, it was sold.
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  2. Atticus

    Atticus Premium Member Lifetime Member

    You were lucky...that thing is jacked.
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  3. oakman1992


    Come one now it’ll buff out with some elbow grease.

  4. Atticus

    Atticus Premium Member Lifetime Member

    The face is missing the "O"...
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  5. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    This was a great deal - congrats if someone on here got it... Yellow MM - 9490a9605675347b8036b6c9d68f4b84.jpg

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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  6. double

    double Premium Member

    It sold on the 12th too...
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  7. ghettochild



  8. Atticus

    Atticus Premium Member Lifetime Member

  9. oakman1992


  10. Thuglife

    Thuglife Premium Member

    The Yellow MM on eBay is fake!!!
    That is why he/she has not responded
    My 2 Cents...
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