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  1. NW Oakley Fan

    NW Oakley Fan Oakley Beginner

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    What's the deal with the stealth black transfer case with yellow numbering? It's not on the oakley website/o-review, but my local O-store has one in stock. Is this a limited run piece? Thanks.
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  2. tmsnewberry

    tmsnewberry Oakley Enthusiast

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    No it's a standard release. There are quite a few watches that do not go up for sale on the website. There are few color ways in the transfer case and gearbox. I have the stealth and yellow transfer case I enjoy it. , but it is a little small for my liking I prefer the gearbox, especially my automatic.
  3. kenny bann

    kenny bann Oakley Beginner

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    I'm new here and need some help and advice please.
    I've just bought a Transfer Case off Ebay but didn't know if it's a fake watch or not because the color combination ( case and dial ) was unusual and I couldn't even find it anywhere.
    My Transfer Case I just received is stealth black case but with the white dial face instead of black dial with red number 3. All white dial on the Oakley website shows with brushed stainless stell case. But mine stealth black case with white face. Any thought?

    Here is the link for the watch I just bought.
    thanks in advance