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  1. Quinning

    Quinning Oakley Beginner

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    Hey! The ultimate question is, like the thread title suggests:

    What is your biggest Oakley tragedy?
    What happened to your eyewear?
    What did you do to violate the sacredness of such a personal artifact?
    Did you replace them?
    And by replace them, did you try to fill that infinite void that will forever remain unfilled?

    Here is my story:

    Freshman year at Uni I fell down the stairs (harr harr harr...) of a lecture hall and my M Frames were hoisted from the brim of my hat to the head of the room. At first the stem snapped under the ear sock, so I tried epoxy and ended up having to tape them. At least they weren't noticeable. After that, it was nothing but downhill. For whatever unknown reason, the other stem snapped in the same exact location, no problem, solved the same way. And then I got lense cracks from an half inch to over an inch from where the frame meets the lense, three of the. Final nail was falling over my handlebars on my bike and they snapped completely in half. Game, set, and match.

    They were my first pair that had a lot of personal history to them. I bought them in 2000 if I recall. They carried me through two seasons of playing on an undefeated baseball team in high school, and accompanied my first Rodeo 720, Fakie Switch 540, and nose press to 360 outs on 50 foot kinks freeskiing during the warm spring weather in Montana. :(
    I tried to fill the void, but without the FMJ 5.56, it would never be the same. I do see pairs pop up from time to time on eBay, but it is usually after I just dropped a lot of cash on a new timepiece.

    All that remains, the original box. I think I might have the actual glasses somewhere, but I don't know where. If I find them, I will update:
    Your Biggest Tragedy - IMG_20120901_143936.jpg
    Your Biggest Tragedy - IMG_20120901_143925.jpg

    I was unable to use the search function to find a thread like this, so if there is one already, my sincerest apologies and you can close and delete this at your earliest convenience.
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  2. tmsnewberry

    tmsnewberry Oakley Enthusiast

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    My second pair Of oakleys I ever bought were gunmetal spikes... My first pair of them were stolen out my car when I was in Orlando one year. My second pair I dropped out of my. Car one day and didn't realize it and backed over them in my driveway... Go me... And my third pair of them I wore twice, found out they had been discontinued and have sat in my display case ever since because I love them so much and I want nothing to happen to them... So I just wear my matte black spikes which I have doubles
    Of lol
  3. nlgrav182

    nlgrav182 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Although difficult, I will say my losses:

    Lost four pairs tragically.

    First was a Straight Jacket, Black Chrome/Ice Iridium. I worked on a beach and occasionally put my glasses in my hoodie pocket. Well, on a dull day we went for a joyride in the Polaris side-by-side on a weaving sand road for about a mile at a high rate of speed. When we got back, I realized my glasses were gone. I walked the entire way of our trip but did not find them; there was too much foot traffic on the road for them not to be off to a new good home.

    Second pair was the same; I bought the same ones to replace the dearly departed. I set them down upstairs at the restaurant I was working at on an empty table. I was the only one working up there and the table was in a closed room. During the shift I did not see them in their spot. They were stolen and never was able to recover them. It could have been a patron or a staff member but I had no leads and no luck.

    Third pair was a Emerald Iridium Splice. I must have left them too close to the edge before I left for work. When I came home, my mom told me that our big black lab had taken the glasses for a tour of the backyard. Bite marks peppered the lenses and frame. DOA.

    Fourth was a matte black Gascan with polarized lenses. Great daily wearing pair. I took them jet-skiing in St. Maarten as part of a cruise excursion. During a bright moment, I thought I could idle the jet-ski and rinse the glasses in the moving water. A fleeting thought passed through my head that the plan was stupid and catastrophic, but I proceeded. In Nostradamus-like fashion, I predicted the outcome of my idea, holding only an arm as I watched the frame and remaining arm bob for a second and disappear. I circled back to look for them and almost went for a dive, but my sister was with me on the ski and I had no goggles. Sadly, they were gone.
  4. Krank

    Krank Oakley Enthusiast

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    In high school (1990) my first set of blades were ripped off by a fellow coworker. I had just tricked them out with triggers too. Anyway I couldn't prove he took them. Bastard! My second pair were frogskins, I left them in the gym weight room on day...gone by the time I got back to check.

    After those two times, I vowed to never let them out of my sight while in public. My wedding pictures are proof of that. I have my whiskers sitting on my forehead. Pissed my wife off.

    My third and hopefully final tragedy is a pair of whiskers that my new puppy ate the lenses out of. Lucky for me the frame was undamaged.
  5. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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  6. Quinning

    Quinning Oakley Beginner

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    Thanks for the linky Oakley sensei!

    Also, I think I came off as pretentious. My ego only fills up my an Rx bottle I swear. :cool:
  7. 13ThirtySeven

    13ThirtySeven Oakley Beginner

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    My worst Oakley tragedy was leaving a pair of brand new Gascan S on a desk at college. I was not gone 5 minutes from the room, came back in and they were in someones pockets I am sure of it. I was young and stupid, I did not want to waste the professors time calling security. So I went straight to SGH and bought the same pair same day I had them stolen. I feel really stupid these days thinking why did I not get campus security involved. But time passes and money flows in and out so whatever.