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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by MrLee, 9/18/11.

  1. MrLee


    I imagine most of you on here have been to a fair few different O stores around the world, so my question is what is your favourite O Store? Is there than one store you keep finding gems? Or maybe the customer service is top notch? Even if it is the only one near by let us know the reason why it is great :D

    Equally I'm quite intrigued as to what negative experiences people have had in them.


    My favourite O store has to be the NYC Soho store (Not the Times Square one!) - The service is there was excellent. Everyone who worked there was passionate, and knowledgable about Oakley products, and were more than happy to have a good chat about the brand we all love. Equally, the stock was good, and was an all round decent retail environment. Also they are the only Oakley store I have ever been too which had almost a complete collection of Asian fits on the shelf ready to be sold - which was all down to the work of one of the Asians who worked there pushing hard for it.

    On the flip side of the coin - The London "Flagship" store in Covent Garden has to be one of the worst I've been too. Don't get me wrong it is not awful but some of their staff had very very little product knowledge. I'm not expecting everyone to be an Oakley know-it-all, and I get it that a job is a job, but at least show a bit of enthusiasm for the product...

    I went in there enquiring about a pair of MotoGP Holbrook, and after I got pushed from one sales assistant to the other, I was finally directed to someone who said "Yeah I have a pair here" who then handed me the Nicky Hayden pair, and when I explained I meant the MotoGP's with the Emerald Iridium, he then told me no such pair even exists... Even though they were in the cabinet the week before.

    Likewise Chinatown is literally 5 minutes away and they don't stock ANY Asian fits which I find a bit ridiculous, seeing as I'm not blessed with a Caucasian nose, often Asian fits are the only way to go, and I would never buy a pair without trying them first. Again, I understand that it makes no sense to hold stock for the minority, but seeing as how Multicultural London is, I find it a bit strange.

    But that's my opinion, now I'd like to here what everyone elses experiences are ;)

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  2. Unknowndoom


    It's the same answer to what the best camera, the one closest to you

  3. Oakley_Sight


    I visited the Oakley Vault store at the top of International Drive & also the Oakley store in the Florida Mall when i was there last year. I bought 3 pairs from the vault store & it was just a selling process to them I went to the Florida Mall store & i was wearing my Ducati Hatchets. I was looking at a pair of Five Squares for my wife, LiveStrong Scalpals for one of my sons & a pair of Pit Boss for me. They guy that served me was more interested in my Hatchets than taking the best part of $800 off me. We talked for about half an hour about glasses & he even got the C-six that they had in store out of their safe just so i could look at them & try them on. Now this is customer service. I did buy all the glasses from him & even had to take the Pit Boss back two days later as one of the icons on the side arm was loose. But i did not have a receipt as i had not picked it up. Before i got to the counter to explain my problem the guy recognised me & came over. He told me i had forgotten my receipt & went behind the desk to get it for me. I showed him the problem with the glasses & he changed them straight away for me. What more can i say this store was FIRST CLASS in every way.

  4. Jruta


    Paramus nj mall- I was in there looking around, the guy working there asks to see my Pennys, says "I'll trade you just about anything in the store for them". Lol, I didnt part with them, but left the store with a few free microfiber bags just for letting him see them!

  5. The Game

    The Game

    I work at that vault and it usually is a selling process to us because we are too busy to do 1 on 1's with people where Fl mall isn't as busy and will pay more attention because they are not. Especially if you are dropping $800

  6. Razerwire


    I like the O Store at Tyson's Corner here in NoVA. I go in there to try stuff on all the time and they never push anything on me. Then again, I've go there so often that I'm practically on a first name basis with most of the employees. LOL

    The Vault near me in Potomac Mills is a toss up. Some of the guys are really awesome but there's this one girl that never ceases to irritate me.

    The one at Union Station in DC is small but the people there are really friendly.

  7. Andrew Oakley

    Andrew Oakley

    I've been to a bunch of different O stores. Probably 15+. The times square store is pretty nice, but it is ALWAYS packed with people, the Flagship store in Soho and the one in Irvine California are probably my favorite two O stores. Both are rather large, since they are very long and both have a great custom section. My favorite vault is definitely the one here in Arizona. They are always super friendly and super helpful. They work really hard to transfer in rare pairs from other stores and are always up for a good chat about Oakley

  8. Dirty Jersey

    Dirty Jersey

    the NYC time square O store staff is knowledgeable, I can chat it up with them for hours just talking Oakley. however, for a flagship store i expected it to be a little bigger.. also sucks they took out the laser machine

  9. Oakley_Sight


    Sorry man no insult ment to you but it's just how it felt. Next time i'm over there i'll let you know & maybe you could help me out as going to the USA & getting Oakley's is always a MUST. Could be a few years though.

  10. The Game

    The Game

    not insulted at all

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