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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by NashCasten, 2/26/16.

  1. NashCasten


    I'm confused w/c one to purchase. please take note I already own a Penny Titanium Ice Iridium.

    I really want an Oakley Penny X-metal frame with Ruby lenses due to its rarity.

    Now I found a local seller selling his Penny x-metal blasted frame with aftermarket ruby lenses for selling for 15k php or 316USD. (comes with the frame and pouch only)

    however I found something sweeter.

    Another seller is offering his Romeo R2 - X-metal frame - black Iridium complete with box, coin and pouch. To make it sweeter he's throwing in Welleva Fire Red lenses for 11k php or 232 USD.

    If you were in my situation w/c one would you buy??? I know it really boils down to preference but I'd like to get the opinion of those who are really into collecting. As a collector w/c of the 2 items makes sense as a purchase and 2 w/c of them is better in terms of Price and Value.

    Tough Decision...
    Last edited: 2/26/16

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  2. NashCasten


    Oakley Penny Condition

    Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12695263_985281478204695_103878905_o.jpg Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12695595_985281291538047_1193623879_o.jpg Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12695673_985281171538059_2062300337_o.jpg Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12755082_993769610689215_1141920095_o.jpg Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12787246_993769594022550_1266134830_o.jpg Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - 12788934_993769597355883_1779922539_o.jpg
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  3. NashCasten


    Oakley R2
    Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - image.png Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - image.png Your Opinion is needed Romeo R2 vs Penny (x-metal blasted) - image.png

  4. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    From a collector's perspective, the R2 hands down. Why?

    First off, the aftermarket lenses are worthless. They may have some value for display or use (subject to debate if even that much), but from a collector's perspective in general aftermarket parts devalue things, Oakley or otherwise.

    2nd, from a collector's perspective a complete package (box, coin, etc) is worth more than glasses-only. $100 more, give or take depending on the item.

    3rd, from a collector's perspective OEM finishes are worth more; refinished frames have little to no collectible value.

    So, though condition is a factor and you don't describe the condition in much detail, from a collector's perspective the R2 has the qualities of a collectible while the Penny does not; just a wear pair.

    Yes, the price for the R2 is a good one, collectible or not. The Penny, fair but high for what they are.

    If you were to plan to wear them and not consider collectability, though, either pair would do and it more matters which fits / suits you better. I have three Penny compared to two R2, but I like the wear of the R2 better; YMMV. Have to try them on to find out. Either way the R2 is a better deal; you could probably resell them for more than you paid, while the Penny would go for the same price or less.

  5. motoGP_fanatic


    You forgot to indicate on your original post that you are located in the Philippines and a Penny in X-Metal frame and Ruby lenses is so scarce and never show up for sale locally for I guess, 3 to 4 years now.
    And also the R2 OEM lenses is worn out (maybe unusable) thus the offer includes Walleva lenses.

    Anyway good luck with the purchase, if you can get it both do it. The R2 extra rubbers, frame color, box and coin is really what is nice with the R2.
    The work done on the Penny though looks nice based on the photos.
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  6. joecool862

    joecool862 Premium Member Lifetime Member

    R2, hands down! That is a great deal! Super comfortable frame, no springs in the hinges to wear out like the penny. Can always get nice custom cut OEM lenses for either of course.
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  7. thisguy


    Romeo 2 is the better deal. The Penny is a bit high priced in my opinion. Having the box, coin and extras included in the purchase of the Romeo 2 is nice.
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  8. iamFLIP


    I'll echo everyone and say that the complete R2 is the better deal.
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  9. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    R2 even though aftermarket rubber and lenses are hard to come by. It is still a better deal imo.
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  10. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    That would be the only thing to consider but R2 is a MUCH better deal.
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