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  1. bigd003

    bigd003 Oakley Beginner

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    I was going to buy some specs from them on ebay, until whoever it is that runs their ebay account and answers the messages berated me for asking about included items, and whether or not the item was NIB, LNIB, BNISB... (new in box, like new in box, or brand new in sealed box). My question was never answered, I was told to read the description which I did prior to my questions and was generally berated and told that I was wasting the sellers time by asking questions. The seller went on to tell me how many items they sell, and other extraneous information... which I already knew because I do my due diligence on any seller prior to purchase. I thought this was funny, mostly due to one of the several negative feedbacks this seller had accrued being a statement about poor communication and customer service.

    After a couple attempts at asking my question without an answer, I gave up. I just wanted to know if the item came in a sealed box, or if was opened up for some reason- not whether or not they were the biggest seller of oakley glasses on ebay! WTF
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