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GavinL Radar Collection - Part 1

Updated 9/25/16
Polished White XL  
Retina Burn XL Straight Arm  
Polished Black XL Straight Arm  
Red Crystal XL  
Polished Black XL  
Orange Crystal  
Red Crystal  
Black Crystal  
Anti Freeze  
Anti Freeze XL  
True Blue  
Lemon Peel Yellow  
Polished Aluminium  
Polished Fog Grey  
Sky Blue  
Retina Burn  
Metallic Blue  
Atomic Orange  
Purple Custom  
Polished White  
Metallic Silver  
Pearl White  
Polished White  
Polished Jet Black  
Metallic Red Straight Arm  
Dark Metallic Red Straight Arm  
Matte Bright Red  
Metallic Blue Straight Arm  
Orange Straight Arm  
Team Light Blue Straight Arm  
Team Blue Straight Arm  
Polished Black Straight Arm  
Anthracite Straight Arm  
Pink Straight Arm  
Yellow Straight Arm  
Matte Green Straight Arm  
Team Bright Green Straight Arm  
Matte White Straight Arm  
Pearl White Straight Arm  
Night Blue Camo  
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Loading Photos......
My ever growing collection of regular, XL and custom Radars
  1. Felix95 likes this.
  2. cameron webster
    cameron webster
    so much envy for this collection, am in love with the Antifreeze xl's and the crystal red xl's. :))
    GavinL likes this.
  3. Crainium17
    Crystal orange!