My collection..........Ruuuuubyy, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby,Rubyyyyyyy.....ahhhhhhhhhhahhhahhhhhhhhh

Pics of my Oakleys.......
Insane collection man!!! BLK OTT and copper Penny stood out to me! (And the plates R1's, mags... Ect) very nice work!!! Blk OTT is a grail for me, I'll have to get one at some point!!
Thx Wannabe, if you have the patience, you will get them.........but it will take time.
Well I fear I am in this for the long haul and one day will have the pieces I have always wanted. Might take a while but it will happen :) Again congratulations on an incredible collection and amazing variety!!!
Ruby is my personal fav as well. best subbed by positive red or linegear red polarized. Love the copper Penny and then R2, gold Ti02 XX, Juliets (guessed I'm a x-metal harlot huh lol)
Just popped back in to check your recent updates, Funky...Well Done again man! were born to wear the beret! :)
I had no idea you had that many frogs... i also need to start adding pictures to my albums again... nice stuff Paul

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