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  1. Amanda likes this.
  2. Ogeyce
    Hi ! How are you ? great space !
  3. CarGuy
    Great my friend and I hope that you are doing well also!
    I wanted more space and had been waiting for one that was close that I could go get and I saw this one offered. No lights and no doors but I had plenty of parts lying about and got it all sorted except for the doors and locks. I'll have some plexiglass cut and put some locks in them but the heavy lifting is done.
  4. Ogeyce
    always great to see your work !
  5. OBlazer
    I love the security cam at the top. That's a great idea! cool set up
  6. CarGuy
    "I love the security cam at the top. That's a great idea! cool set up"
    Thanks! I integrate a 120V outlet in the tops of displays and power wireless cams from them- no extension cords that way.
    There are others in singlewides on the other side of the room with cams also so I get coverage back across the room.
    The cams have IR as well as motion detection and I can access from my smart phone.
    An additional and cheap layer of security on top of a commercially monitored system.