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  3. Harold of the rocks
    Harold of the rocks
    How do you produced these parts? Is it engraved or is it done with a kind of press, or what?
  4. Joerggroh
    I have a self built cnc milling machine, and it´s milled.
    I make all the stuff on this machine.
    Carbon fiber, acrylic, alloy
  5. Harold of the rocks
    Harold of the rocks
    That's crazy, man! I'm thinking of building a custom display case on my own, but I don't know if I'll be able to start this project within this year.
    Anyway, would you mind building some parts for me, when I kick of this project?
  6. Joerggroh
    shure we can do that, write me pm
  7. Harold of the rocks
    Harold of the rocks
    All right, will do so when I start building the case. As already told, this will take some time, but thanks a lot and good to know that I can come back to you!