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  2. Harold of the rocks
    Harold of the rocks
    Hi there man! As you know I’m planning to create one too and would like to know a couple of things.
    How much you payed for the Plexi? Did your order it it drilled or did you drill it yourself? I know it can be tricky and you might scratch it with the drill when the drill slides away. In other way the Plexi might break. I did it once to replace my broken windows in my workshop/garage and the result was ok but not perfect. You got any tips?
  3. Joerggroh
    oh, I work with a lot of materials, and I do it now since 30 years, I drilled and cutted every piece myself, but you need machines to do that and all my knowledge is not writable.....
  4. Joerggroh
    and the mini cube is finished, pics follow tomorrow
  5. Harold of the rocks
    Harold of the rocks
    eeer, alright. Great man! Finally, I already learned that a common jigsaw or a hand circular saw is not the right choice, so I'd better order it cut and drilled, lol. I guess you are right, 30 years of experience cannot be told in just a couple of words.
  6. Joerggroh
    That´s it, today I made the second mini cube, will take pice now