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ih xs

Concept IH XS (custom in the works)
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Photo Jan 21, 8 09 52 PM ih x metal vault eat lead2 ih holbrook 1537667_726550004023355_712614322_o Photo Mar 14, 6 36 59 PM ih x metal vault2 ih x metal vault inside IH PB1 v1 Photo Oct 20, 7 37 28 PM IH PB1 v2 IH PB1 v3 IH PB1 v4 ih xs Photo Oct 18, 12 53 26 PM IH metals
Concept IH XS (custom in the works)
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  2. Micha
    Missed the 'Concept' headline
  3. MachineHead
    i will take that as a compliment. it took me a while to create the label design
  4. MachineHead
    will be getting my custom cut violet iridium lenses from infinitehero soon.
    but still need to have it etched. anybody know someone, other than edsjunk, who can etch?
  5. Micha
    Not sure hwo edsjunk is or whether that is a nickname but sure Dr Chop can etch
  6. MachineHead
    i didn't know that. i actually have a custom he's working on right now. i'll ask him. thanks bro