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Everyday Pair #1! Juliet Xmetal
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holbrook juliet_xmetal_ruby xsquared_plasma_ice
Everyday Pair #1! Juliet Xmetal
  1. Brett28 and OakleyBoss like this.
  2. NMOne
    Awesome lenses. Are those regular Ruby Iridium?
  3. disturbed
    too bad they are not..those are Ruby Exovista Ruby Quartz lens..I have two polarized lens that peeled off already..put a cheap one instead so wallet can be happy for a little longer lol
  4. Kiwi
    Looks like the temple shocks are installed backwards. Do you do that intentionally?
  5. disturbed
    really?..I removed them before..but didn't know that I installed them incorrectly..hahaha! now I know why they become so hard to wear lol..thanks for that..need to update this picture then!