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My R1 Collection

Michael Jordan Complete<br />
Titanium Gold Etched Bone Finish Complete<br />
Plasma Fire Etched...
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In This Album

3698 3699 3704 3705 3706 Rome Titanium Gold Etched 2nd Gen Romeo Titanium Gold Etched 1st Gen Shiny Romeo Titanium Gold Etched Bone Finish Juliet Carbon Fire Etched R1 e11even R1 Custom Polished Dichro R1 Plasma Fire Etched Penny Titanium VR28 Juliet Xmetal Black Xman Custom Desert Tan Ice My R1 Collection
Arjay Cando
Michael Jordan Complete
Titanium Gold Etched Bone Finish Complete
Plasma Fire Etched
Titanium Gold Etched 1st Gen. Complete
Titanium Gold Etched 2nd Gen. Complete
Xmetal Deep Ruby Complete
Plasma Violet
Xman Custom Desert Tan Custom Cut Ice
Xman Custom Flat Plasma Custom Cut Gold
Custom Polished Dichro
Titanium Bone Finish Dark Fire