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R1 Polished 24 K

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Infinite Hero Minute Maschine Hollow Point XX 24 K XS Polished Romeo1 Titanium 12 Gauge Rubys Small Cube My Trons ;) Gasacan 10th Mag S complete Penny Ruby Fuel Cell Rust Decay R1 Polished 24 K C Six
  1. Poundthem
    Hey Linus. I'm new to the fourm and by judging by your pics you have a lot of experience with oakley.my question is I recently came across a a pair of 2nd gen pitboss 2s .they are the root beer and tunsing idreium polirzed $315 taxes in brand new is that a good deal .or should I grab the new plasma madmen thanks for any help you can offer
  2. YakuzaFloralGangsta
  3. Junior Lima Monteiro
  4. Kamilo schwindler