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T Wire Gen 1 Titanium Irid (2)

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Scar Midnight Fire Straight Jacket Pearl Black (2) XX Cardinal Texas A&M (2) Splice Platinum Rootbeer  (2) Straight Jacket Pol AlumFire (2) XX Evergreen Miami Fire Splice Polished Black Emerald (2) T Wire Gen 1 Titanium Irid (2) XX Jet Black Persimmon (2) Square Whisker (3) Tribal Monster Dog (2) XX Polished Black Ice  (2) Square Whisker Pewter Black Unknown (1) Zero 0.6  Burn Brush Gold Irid  (2) OO A  Pewter Grey (2)
  1. dive4today
    Are your t wire 1st gen for sale?
  2. dive4today
    mine were stolen when my vehicle was stolen back in 2004