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  • I read about parts which you have and how you have helped other members. I'm looking for a left arm for a replacement arm for sale. Oakley Sliver Edge part number 009413-0265 replacement arms the glasses are Oakley Sliver Edge with the red "O" part number 009413-0265. Would send me in the right direction or if you have the part for sale that would be great.
    I noticed you just sold something to Junior Oakley. Can I ask you a few questions, He is trying to buy something from me.
    Will do, today and Friday are a little crazy. Helping a friend house hunt 3 states away.
    Hi, im new here and come from Germany.
    I saw a post where u talk about the O-Trenchcoat (TC).
    i have a TC (Blood/Black Ir,) i broke the frame and im looking now for a new frame.
    Maybe can you help me to find one.
    check out my post, please. I would appreciate your thoughts now. since you at least are more polite then the others
    I talked with my Oakley rep and he said none of his clients hold onto old discontinued stuff. He said after 20+ years with Oakley if you want the old stuff it's forums or Ebay. Best of luck! =)
    Hi, you said you have an extra pair...of Yellow Straight Jackets. Can you send me some pics and what are you looking to get for them.

    Hey, you had asked me about the coin the other day.... the HalfX! Don't know if you have it or looking for it but, there is one on Ebay! It is one of the two hard ones to find and don't come up often. Here is the Ebay item # eBay item number:261322360409 It ends today 11/11 5:30pm

    Rustpot suggested that you might have a pair of the 'New' Frogskins, circa, 1996 - he thought you had a pair on eBay a while back. I am looking for complete pairs, or even better, R'H' arms as I have a couple of pair with broken R.H. arms...

    Thanks, Tim.
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