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  • if you still are wanting to make that sale. bt robe rts011@gma!l c0m.
    Remove the spaces and you have my email. Let me know! Thanks!
    just sent you a message on eBay but thought i recognised the user name see you are selling some shoe one in uk 9 which I'm after as an occasional wear pair do you have a price in mind
    thanks steve
    hi, could you please send me all those 12 pictures (12 signs of fake pitboss) comparing the real genuine PB1 with the fake one PB1 ?? thank you very much in advance!

    p.s.: thank God my are genuine, just saw word polarized right tight to the corner of left lens and the "A" letter on both arms inside !!!
    last price for eyejackets? do you ship in toronto canada? thanks a lot mate, godbless
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