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  • I'm trying to find replacement speaker books for my Oakley split thumps. Can anyone point in in the right direction?
    I am trying to find some hybrid replacement lenses for my magnesium m frames. In the replacement lens section it indicates that you have some for sale. Is this still the case, and what types do you have left?
    I would like to purchase the Gold Iridium C Wire lenses you have for sale. SKU: 13-324
    Thank you.
    I was trying to look at all the Gen 1 frogskins pics you listed, are the pictures gone or do I not have the proper member level to see them? Thanks.
    Hey Boss!! It’s Dconn. Well Kashton now but I need your help. I tried to message you but I could not find a conversation starter. Will you message me please. I think my account is still recognizing my old non valid email address as I’m unable to change my password so I can’t even log in on other devices. I’m logged in on one of my iPhones and my other iPhone and iPad I can’t log in as I don’t know my password
    I'm looking for a pair of eye jackets, cobalt blue and red irridium. Please help
    I no longer wish to be in this forum. Please remove my info... thank you

    Oakley for life
    Hello, an I missing something? I can not post, message, or see anything???? Help please, LOL. Thanks
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