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  • Sorry if this is a noob question, but how do you 'bump' a posting? I have been trying for the past 15 minutes and am clueless - story of my life...

    Nevermind! I think I figured it out...
    Hey buddy hope you doing all right. I have a question for you.
    Are you related to this sale in mexico? Or it is fake? Saw the same picture you posted here.
    Please send PM's to me instead, as I don't check my wall often... Thanks and enjoy the forum!
    Hello xmetal manic. Just wondering if you could cut some oo positve red lenses? If so do you need me to get the lenses or do you source donor lenses? Also can you get them polarised? If so can you give me a price? For both polarised and non.
    Thank you. Josh
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    Jose garcia
    Joshua I just want ask you if you got those op red you want am looking for those too for my pit boss 1 gen thanks
    Hi. Im in need to know which lenses you can cut to fit a r1 and if you can do it for me. Preferably violet iridium. Plz?
    I have a pair of X-metal Romeos I need progressive lenses cut for and installed. Is this something you can do? And if not, do you know who can?

    The problems I am running into are my Rx is too strong for oakley to cut (total +2.75) AND they won't install pre-cut lenses from another lab because they don't have the parts to work with.

    Would know the best way to overcome these challenges?
    I also have a pair of X-metal Mars Craters that need Rx progressives, too, if those are any easier to work with.

    Just a few questions on Juliet's 1. Are there a lot of fakes out there? 2.is it hard to get the wear and tear off the metal? 3. What's the going rate for a decent shaped plasma frame? I want to do the plasma and emerald but don't really know as much as I'd like about the x metals to buy one.
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