1st generation juliets

  1. J

    1st Juliets. 1st gen. Woo hoo

    Obviously seen some wear but I'm happy for a 15yo pair of O'sO's
  2. SiRacer420

    JI from craigslist

    I always troll craigslist. There is usually someone selling something good, but never great. In fact, I've never once seen any X-metal for sale. So I've been watching these Juliets (first gen plasma/ice) on ebay because the guy selling them is in my city. He had them up for 350 with no bids. So...
  3. pupusasrock

    Lens Rattle

    I have a pair of lenses that were in a set of Gen 1 Juliets and I just took them out and moved them to a pair of Polished frames. They are much looser in the polished frames so much so that both rattle when you move the glasses. Any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated. Not sure what I...