24k xx

  1. U

    Found  X-Metal XX 24K Box

    Hello OF As the title says I'm looking for a box and coin for a X-Metal XX 24K 3rd Generation.. usually suffix ends with "B" otherwise any other Gen will do. Thanks
  2. U

    Buying  XX 24K Box and Coin SKU 04-145

    Hey guys im looking for XX 24K Box and Coin SKU 04-145 in good condition Some me what you have Thanks
  3. U

    Sold  24k xx glasses Last drop $350 this weekend

    selling my 24 k xx. Usual wear on eartsem tips. Rubbers oem 8 Nosebridge 7.5 conservatively Left lens has couple cleaning marks not visible when wearing Right lens looks perfect Comes with coin and mf bag Can't find the box $450
  4. U

    Trading  24kxx for beater xx

    I have a first gen 24k xx in need of some love would like to trade for an xx in similar condition in any other colourway before I send this one for a refinnish and change it's look completely just wanted to see if anyone wanted to swap. looking to trade the frame only but open to options...
  5. Amanoramonkey

    24k xx refinnish or trade?

    Bought pair of xx 24k they are in need of a tune up and new rubbers and have some ware on the arms. was thinking of getting them refinnished in xmetal or black (not a massive fan of the 24k look.) Anyway my question is should I get them refinnished or try and trade them for a different colourway?
  6. U

    Trading  Or For sale Matching 24K XX for xmetal XX

    I have a numbers matching 24k XX with box and coin I'm looking to trade for a xmetal XX I don't need yours to have the box or anything but it should have decent lenses. I will also sell for $450 shipped and paypalled Conus OBO and no lowballs please The frame is in good condition but it has...
  7. U

    Sold  Oakley X-Metal XX 24K with 24K Gold Iridium

    Hi all, I have this for sale. Frame in mint condition (third generation), no matching box or coin. Come with Microfiber pouch & Soft Vault. Been a display item and if wear only for taking pictures. Option 1: All OEM set (Original rubber in good condition, 24k lenses): 445$ shipped. (Without...