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    Hey all, selling the last bit of the pairs I'll never wear. All are new without box unless stated. +$10 for shipping and all prices are OBO. I have a few random boxes and will ship them with whichever pairs don't have a box, first come. PM me for more pictures if needed. 1) Tincan Gold/Warm...
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    For Sale Oakley Oil Drum Amber Black Iridium Polarized - Fullset

    Hi there, I am selling a very rare pair of Oakley Oil Drum Amber Black Iridium Polarized. Including Original Box with Amber Black Label. Box is in very good condition. Model number is 12-866 The pair is still in good condition, but used. The frame has light marks due polished finish. I would...
  3. ajcon200

    Oakley Monster Dog - Amber Black

    Hi. Well I've been searching for a while for the amber bip lens for the monster dog. And now by chance I'm going to have 2 sets show up at virtually the same time. One is going to be as it was sold originally with the polished black frame and matching old style box. The other is going...