1. U

    Buying Piet x Oakley items (Beanie, t-shirts, long sleeve.. Skull items in general)

    Hello guys, As stated in the title, I am looking to buy any of the listed pieces above. If you happen to have to have any of these pieces (or can get ahold of them), I am interested!! WIsh everyone a good day 😌
  2. U

    Buying Oakley Skull Apparel

    Looking for anything Oakley from the "Skull" collection (anything with the skull logo): This includes absolutely ANYTHING featuring the skull logo, such as the skull pattern inside some of the Oakley bags. DM me and we'll figure out a deal :)
  3. W

    My GF’s vintage Oakley shoes

    Not sure the model, I’m sure someone here could ID in the thread. My GF just picked these up at a yard sale, look like they’ve never been worn. Very cool! Already her favorite shoes.
  4. karimo

    What Model Oakley Backpack/Luggage/Other Are These/Help Identifying? [Consolidated Thread]

    Hi O bros. Can anyone please tell me something about this patches? Did they come in a pack? Are they part of something? Are they hard to find?
  5. zaca

    About the new Collection Discussion

    Hi there! I’m new here, but a widely fan of the brand and products. I saw at their website the new apparel collection, which contains Tech clothes. I’m happy they still innovate, not with the same frequency but still. I have another brand Gore-Tex jacket and as a festival freak, I can say that...
  6. K

    Can anyone identify this hoodie?

    Is this Oakley? I found this red hoodie in the McLaren Grand Grix Driver documentary SE01EP03, 2017. Fernando wore this in this episode, I think it should be Oakley as Fernando Alonso was sponsored by Oakley at that period. He was also wearing an Oakley write t-shirt and pants at the same time...
  7. pupp

    A couple of updates on my collection.

    So, here are a couple of updates to my collection, I may have missed some. I got a custom pair of Jawbreakers and an extra pair to swap out colors. Some new Elmonts (L) and the SI Multicam Holbrooks. I also got a pair of of Oakley suspenders just for fun. I'm sort of adding stuff randomly and I...
  8. reggavegga

    Dumb and Dumber!

    Went to my nearby Ostore before F and F disappears. I have been wanting to get the Sapphire Badman and would rather pay 280 than 400. I saw this Tshirt in display case next to register and had to have it...Eddie (manager) said they are selling like crazy...