atomic orange

  1. ewalker78912

    Atomic Orange Fingerprint

    Does anyone know the rarity of an atomic orange/fingerprint sliver or enduro? I am not sure which years they were manufactured.
  2. U

    Sold **** Price Drop****LNIB Radarlock Fingerprint Collection

    Selling 2 of the Fingerprint Collection Radarlocks. Both are LNIB in the box. Actually they have never been out of the box but to take these pictures. Both come complete with paperwork, extra nose bomb, box, case, the main lense in the frame and the spare Black Iridium lense as pictured in the...
  3. B

    2'nd Jawbone purchase within a week

    Went on eBay a few minutes ago, and seen a pair of the Atomic Orange Jawbone's listed. (That's the pair I first had). I just "had" to get them. Might just have to be a gift to my dad for Father's day. He wants a pair of glasses that will match his 2012 GT Sensor 3.0 - Which just so happens to...
  4. GenericMIKE

    Frogskins Frame Color Difference

    Good Morning! I was wondering what the difference is in the following Frogskins frame colors. (pics would be nice) (Model) (Frame Name) Aquatique Hotspot Dropoff Lagoon Heritage Collection Heritage Red...
  5. U

    Trading Oakley Radar Atomic Orange w/Fire Iridium Path

    Up for trade is my pair of Atomic Orange radars, limited edition for the Tour de France. The frames are in perfect condition. The lenses have a few minor scratches on them. I am looking to trade for Radar XLs and Radarlock XLs. I'd take offers for other rare Radar Paths (i.e. BMX Chrome)