1. U

    Sold B1B Holbrooks

    I have a brand new pair of B1B Holbrooks, the Matte Black w/ Black Iridium version that I'm parting ways with. These are pretty much brand new and will come with the original box/paperwork, microfiber. They do have a tiny mark on the left lens that does not effect your vision but is there for...
  2. E

    Oakley Holbrook B1B Red-Comparison?

    Good morning and Happy Holidays! I sorely need some guidance in regard to my pair of B1B Red w/ Grey lenses OO9102-83. I cannot tell if they are genuine Oakley or not. The box certainly appears genuine with correct numbers and original packaging. Anyone out there with a pair I can see some...
  3. U

    For Sale B1B grips

    Violet B1B grips up for grabs, grips are on excellent condition, box is a bit worn certainly usable but has some tears. Asking $65 plus shipping.
  4. U

    Sold Holbrook B1B Matte Blue w/ Grey Polarized

    Got these in a lot, but not for me. ASKING $old G&S OBO from the O-fam (see listing) Oakley B1B Collection Holbrook Matte Blue w/ Grey Polarized OO9102-82 | eBay
  5. U

    For Sale BNIB Oakley Grip Multi-Tool

    I have a brand new in box Oakley grip tool available for sale. Rad little tool wrapped in the B1-B grip rubber. $50 shipped in the US.
  6. U

    For Sale Union Jacks, 4 Legged, SW Holbrooks, Cavendish Radarlocks, and more (B1B) Prices Lowered!

    Hi Everyone, In an attempt to scale down more of my glasses I'm Looking to sell a few more pairs. I used to work for an O-store and baby my glasses, so I can vouch for their great condition. I am located in Canada, so shipping is a bit more expensive. As per the rules, prices include G&S all in...
  7. U

    Sold B1B Frogskin Matte Blue/Sapphire - drop to $50

    For sale is the B1B Frogskin. BNIB $sold delivered US, outside please PM first. Frame: Matte Blue Lens: Sapphire Iridium Original box, pink MF bag, papers Thanks for taking a look!
  8. U

    Buying B1B Microbags

    Looking for B1B themed microbags, please PM me if you have any you willing to part with.
  9. OakleyBoss

    Oakley B1-B Collection - Frogskins and Holbrooks

    Just saw @SpliceD awesome post about snagging a pair of the B1-B Frogskins and Holbrooks set to be released in 2015, and though I would create this thread for any discussion. Reference: Hollywood Collectors Event Purchase - B1-B | Oakley Forum Does anyone know if other pairs will be...