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    For Sale Various Used/Beater Frames

    Got a few used/beater frames I'm looking to pass onto those that can use them, recondition them or strip them for parts. Prices listed are for F&F payment and shipping is $5 per pair within CONUS unless you buy more than one (in which I will combine shipping). If you have any further questions...
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    Sold Plate ( Beater)

    Plate ( Beater) Frame with slight scratches, its stems are light. It is not bent or has blows. Lenses in bad. (a logo is missing) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $1̶9̶5̶ $ 180 Free shipping to USA Pay with Paypal
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    Trading Beater Monster Dog w/extra lenses

    Matte black Monster Dog. Beater. I’m the second owner - had thought to repaint it, but I don’t have time. Wear & Scratches by ears, on earstems. One icon is blue. One icon is silver, with some scuffs. ?!? Ice Lenses (installed) are awesome, but a noticeable scuff on right lens (when...
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    Traded Split Jacket Beater ~ Raceworn Purple

    Split Jacket Beater ~ Indigo-Purple / Black Raceworn Jaws were lightly wet sanded and finished a matte hammered clear coat. Frames were dyed several times worn down with ISO and pad, matte hammered clear coat wet sanded a bit and finished in matte clear coat. Arms have play in them, no snappy...
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    Sold Beater XX twenty FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium

    Hello OF for sale a beater xx fmj ice, don’t have rubbers, the lenses have several brands of use. perfect to customize, I can send it directly to the artist you prefer. SKU: 04-281 Lenses 6/10 Frame 6/10 Price: $40 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total...
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    Buying Racing Jacket / Split Jacket - Beater Frames

    Have cash or could offer some trades, let me know what you have. Complete Beater Used Upper/Temples Jaws/Bolts/Icons Particular interest in Pearl White BMX Chrome Team Colors Matte White Silver / Gray Thanks
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    Found Scalpel original/oem lenses

    Hi, looking for cheap beater original/OEM Scalpel lenses to use as templates for a custom cut - perfection really not required. If cheap enough, happy to purchase with frame. Shipping required to UK. Thx for looking 👍
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    Sold XM XS Beater $275 OBO Shipped Con US

    Okay. I have kind of struggled with what i want to do with this pair. Its an XS XM with Ruby non polar. the sku on the arm is the correct one for the lenses and finish. Lenses are worn and finish is in good shape. Its a nice looking pair at first glance, but I am honest abe when selling...
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    Sold Juliet Frames Polished (Beaters)

    Juliet Frames Polished (Beaters) Frame with scratches, nasal bridge needs tuning, without rubber, Sku 04-147 (Photos from 1 to 7) Frame with scratches, nasal bridge needs tuning, without rubber, without serial or Sku. (Photos from 8 to 14) Boxes with papers, foam in good condition, no coin...
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    Sold Plate (Beater)

    Plate (Beater) Lenses in poor condition, the frame has scratches, and lost paint in some parts. (to see photos) Price $ 165 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal.
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    Sold Lot Pro M Frame David Duval (Beaters)

    Lot Pro M Frame David Duval (Beaters) Price $ 75 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Beater Unknown frames $20

    Polished black frames only. Picked these up for cheap to try and it's a no go for me. Frames are in beater condition. Rubber is slightly tacky, but more than enough life left. Asking $20 shipped CONUS.
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    Sold Lot 6 A wire 2.0 $170

    Lot 6 A wire 2.0 frames in good condition, some have their rubber in good condition, screws in excellent condition. Lot price $ 170 Free shipping to the United States. Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Lot 6 Half Jacket Beaters $130

    Lot 6 Half Jacket (Beaters) 5 Half Jacket 1 Half Jacket 2.0 the lenses in bad conditions, the rubber are in poor condition, some have no rubber, frames with some scratches and loss of paint. (beaters) Price $130 Free shipping in the United States Pay Paypal
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    Sold Lot 5 A wire beaters $130

    Lot 5 A wire beaters no frame is bent or broken, three frames have rubber bands in good condition. lenses in bad conditions. lot price $ 130 sent to usa. Pay by Paypal
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    Sold 3 Split Jacket Beaters $170

    3 Split jacket the lenses are in regular condition, the frames with small scratches. Any doubt I will resolve it with pleasure. Pay by Paypal free shipping in the united states
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    Sold Lot Beaters Oakley Unknown

    Lot Beaters Oakley Unknown Lot Price $110 Free Shipping In United States pay by Paypal
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    Sold (Lot 5 Beaters.) Foose Gascan, Monster Dog, Monster Pup, Darboard, Gascan Clear

    Lot 5 Beaters. Gascan Foose SKU: 12-774 Darboard Night Camo SKU: 05-111 SOLD Monster Pup SKU: 12-886 SOLD Gascan Clear SKU: 125 Monster Dog SKU: 05-013 SOLD Price $ 245 OBO Free Shipping In The United States Pay by Paypal
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    Sold lot beaters juliet and romeo 2

    Lot beaters juliet and romeo 2 1-Juliet plasma without serial 1- Juliet plasma serial P073540 1- Juliet titanium serial T029986 (blurred serial) 2- Romeo 2 plasma the lenses are in poor condition, jumper of the nose unfit, pins and screws in good condition, no frame is crooked or broken...
  20. xmetal40

    Beater Juliet

    bought a plasma juliet today. Lenses all but destroyed, nose bridge shot, but frame without a scratch. Truly odd.
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    Found Fives Squared (4+1)^2 frames

    Hey all, looking for a Fives Squared (4+1)^2 frames [newer model OO9238-xx] that has the rubber nose pieces. Lenses NOT required since I already have them in hand. Condition: - matte black, near new condition, no signs of wear, nose piece in great shape OR - any color decent beater pair, no...
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    Sold Lot Juliet Beaters

    Juliet lot beaters 1 serialized J097617 lenses in poor condition 1/10 some are tight. Some tires are missing, others are in regular condition. the frames have no fractures. Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Lot Juliet beaters

    Lot juliet beaters. Serials: JG 004302 JE 022949A JI 019564 Some bring their tires in good condition. 5 juliet, 3 coins, 5 adjustment pleasers. (lenses in poor condition 2/10.) Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Lot Juliet (Beaters)

    Lot Beaters juliet. Not all frames are in the same conditions. the three frames of 1st generation have some spots. the rest, as you can see in the photos are in better condition. most have new couplers, some have their gums. Serials: P064427 P061110 JE008313 J106427 Free shipping Paypal...
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    Buying Beater Pair | Cheap pair | Large Frames | Polarized / Prizm Lenses

    Looking to buy a cheap/ beater pair of sunglasses (don't mind what frames they are as long as they are larger), just need Polarized lenses, Prizm preferred. Need no scratches on the lenses, and LT like 15% or under for daily use. PayPal is all set up. Thanks.
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    Buying Looking for Beater X Metal

    Hi everyone, First time posting in the Oakley Exchange section, anyways I'm starting to have a addiction collecting these awesome X Metal. Therefore I'm on a search for any Beater pair's so I can restoration on my own. Currently Looking for: Mars Crater Penny Juliet Juliet xx X squared...