1. Fernando

    For Sale Why 8.2 Black Chrome / Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale other of my why collection, this time the Why 8.2 Black Chrome Frame With Black Iridium Lenses, They are used but in very good condition, the left lens has a small line at the top, it is very fine and it is not in the viewing angle, see the pics, the rest is perfect, they...
  2. Fernando

    For Sale Eye Jacket 2.0 Cannon Red / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this awesome eye jacket 2.0 cannon red frame with black lenses, they are used but in perfect condition, the paint is perfect, the left lens is also perfect, the right one has two marks of use that can be seen in the photos, it is very little and when you have them on they are...
  3. Fernando

    Sold XX Ti02 w/ black iridium lenses 2nd Gen - serial xt******A #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this XX Ti02 w/ black iridium lenses, allI have used them very little, the lenses have some mark of cleaning but it is very superficial and it is not appreciated when they are worn, they are in very good condition, the bridge is tight as the first day, the frame has some...
  4. Fernando

    For Sale Half Jacket 1.0 Jet Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this half jacket 1.0 Jet black frame wit black iridium lenses, have been used a couple of times, the right lense have one scratcher of 1mm see the pics, don’t affect the vision, the other lense is perfect. Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 price: $85 allin Paypal g&s (...
  5. Fernando

    For Sale BNIB Eye Jacket 10w40 w/ Black Iridium

    Helll OFamily for sale one more of my gems the rare 10w40 eye jacket in new condition, came complete with box papers and bag. Description: BNIB SKU: 04-054 Date: 1994-1999 All is 10/10 don't have defect. Price $200 allin ( OBO) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Minute (Gen 2) Carbon Fiber w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily I put for sale one of the most exclusive minute, they are very difficult to find today and more in this state, the minute (Gen 2) Carbon Fiber with Black Iridium lenses in perfect condition, never used, came with the microbag. Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price: $190...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Monster Dog Crystal Black w/ Black Iridium #SOLD

    Helll OF for sale this monster dog crystal black with black iridium lenses, the frame has some signs of wear but the lenses are very good, the left temple icon is missing, it is a good piece to customize, came with microbag. Frame 8,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Price $95 allin #SOLD ( or best offer)...
  8. Fernando

    Sold Racing Jacket (Gen 1) FMJ 5.56 W/Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale othe old school frame, Racing Jacket (Gen 1) FMJ 5.56 W/Black with Black Iridium lenses, with defects in the paint and some mark on the lenses but in very good general condition, came complete with box papers and bag. SKU: 03-269 Frame 8/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price...
  9. Fernando

    For Sale Scar Persimmon / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale now this like new Scar Persimmon with Black Iridium lenses, the right lens has a couple of cleaning marks are very superficial and do not disturb the vision, the left lens is perfect. the frame and the rubbers is perfect too, never used only displayed, came with the grey big...
  10. Fernando

    Sold Fives 1.0 White Tiger / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this gorgeous in perfect condition , the old school Fives White Tiger /with Black Iridium lenses, The lenses are in a stationary state, they have a couple of very small marks that are barely visible, they are like new, the painting of the frame is perfect as the first day...
  11. Fernando

    Sold Fives Squared DUCATI Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized

    Hello OF for sale this used ducati edition five squared matte black frame with black iridium lenses, in very good condition, the lenses have low sign of wear see the pics, nothing disturb the vision, came with bag only. SKU: 24-191 Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10 price:$95 allin #SOLD Paypal g&s (...
  12. hockeyguy

    For Sale Racing jacket

    Racing jacket-NIB Matte Black- Prizm Road/Black Iridium Includes- case, original microfiber, extra nose pieces, extra icons and box. Asking $115 plus shipping
  13. BoostBear

    Sold Radar EV Path - Prizm Road - (2) Black Ird - Jade Ird

    Acquired (4) Radar EV Path Replacements in a bundle purchase, I don't wear this model so I'm not in need of them. Although before I go ahead an chop them up for Split Jacket donors, I figure I'd see if anyone here was interested. All trades are welcome for consideration be it for all (4) or just...
  14. Fernando

    Sold Juliet ducati carbon w/ black iridium

    Hello Of for sale a used Juliet ducati carbon frame with black iridium lenses, in good condition le left lenses have scratchers I think still good for wear, the frame dont have scrachers still very good, the nose bridge strong like the first day, came with the ducati microbag , is 4gen. Frame...
  15. Fernando

    Sold Romeo 1 xmetal w/ black iridium 1st gen

    Hello Of for sale this used romeo 1 1st gen xmetal with black iridium lenses, the lenses have scratchers, the frame is in very good condition, have 50’s tshocks installed, I add a new oem nose pads in the deal. serial: 024890 Frame 8/10 Lenses L 7/10 R 6/10 Rubbers 8/10 price $old allin...
  16. Fernando

    Sold Jupiter ducati Matte Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this beautiful classic ducati matte black with black Iridium lenses in very good condition, came with microbag only. Difficult piece to get in this condition this days.. SKU: 24-094 Frame 9,8/10 Lenses 9,8/10 peice 115 allin ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking number and...
  17. BoostBear

    Sold Racing Jacket / Jawbone - Black Persimmon Iridium Transitions Lens

    Black Persimmon Iridium Vented Transitions Lenses There's no flaws that I can see to them, tried capturing photos of them in various states of transition. Outside photos in frames are in a mostly activated state - weather conditions were overcast. Field Of View they're a dark-persimmon; if...
  18. Fernando

    For Sale Eye Jacket, New FMJ 45mm / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale Eye Jacket, New FMJ 45mm with Black Iridium, used in good condition the lenses have marks but I think nothing affect the vision still good for wear, came with microbag only. Frame 9/10 Lenses 8,5/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $90 + $20 for the shipping + fees = $110 allin ( or best...
  19. Fernando

    Sold BNIB Monster Doggle White / Black Iridium

    Hello Of for sale a BNIB Monster Doggle White / Black Iridium lenses in perfecto condition complete with box, all the papers and bag, don’t have defect. SKU: 05-078 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price: $230 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total...
  20. BoostBear

    Sold /Trade ~ Big Taco Crystal Black / Black Irid

    Big Taco OO9173-02 Frames - in excellent condition, aside from some light wear no major marks. Accent pieces as scuff frees, arms still have that snappy feeling when open/closing. Black Iridium - in good condition, inner top corners have small peel in cc and right lens has a small mark...
  21. aaron.schies

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ OEM Black Iridium Polarized

    Freshly tuned nose bridge and hinges. OEM lenses and rubber. Tiny bit of delam on top edges of lenses but not noticeable when wearing. No scratches on lenses. Tiny nick on left orbital. Loved this pair but rarely wore it. Comes with soft microfiber bag. Asking for $350 USD shipped to CONUS...
  22. L5072

    Sold Xmetal juliet combo- $400

    Xmetal Juliet- non-serialized. I do not collect and these have been my daily’s for the last year. Just picked up a 2nd set of XX’s from @NuttyOAK13Y and they will be my new daily’s due to my large melon. Since they have been worn daily there are some shiny spots on the frame. It is super...
  23. Fernando

    Sold Valve Black - FMJ+ w/ Black Iridium

    Hello Of for sale this preciousness valve black fmj+ frame with black iridium lenses, has not been used but if it has been exposed it has no defects or scratches, it is perfect, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 03-875 Condition: exposed Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9.9/10 Price $135 allin (...
  24. hockeyguy

    Sold Racing jacket

    Racing jackets for sale. Carbon Frame/Black Iridium Lenses. Only has the one lens and includes Matte black icons. Lens and frame are both 10/10. Asking $90 plus shipping.
  25. Fernando

    Sold Wiretap Silver / Fire Iridium + New black iridium lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale a WireTap silver frame with fire iridium lenses, I have used it very few times and very carefully are almost new, The fire lens is in 9/10 condition without scratches, the frame has no punches or defects, the rubbers of the arms are good, apart it comes with a set of oem...
  26. HawgJ

    Sold Romeo 1 X Metal Complete w/ Extras

    Selling complete set Romeo 1 X Metal w/Black Iridium lenses. My very first purchase here on the forum from a great OF brother. Sadly I must part with them so another member can enjoy. Included in the deal are the Romeo’s mounted with Ruby Iridium lenses straight from the Cutman Chris A...
  27. Fernando

    Sold Minute (Gen 1) Electric Violet FMJ w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale other epic gen1 the Minute Electric Violet FMJ with Black Iridium lenses is like new, I have used it a couple of times, two or three times, the lenses and the frame are perfect, like the first day, the minute gen1 are very difficult to see this days and more in this...
  28. Fernando

    For Sale Monster Dog Pearl w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale my lovely and sexy monster dog pearl with black iridium lenses, is used but with much love, the lenses are perfect, the frame is in good condition without bumps or scratches, came with the bag only, this combination is not very common to see. SKU: 05-029 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses...
  29. crazywayne311

    Sold Oakley Holbrook Steel/Black Iridium Prizm Polarized

    Up for grabs is this pair of Steel Gray/Black Iridium Prizm Polarized Holbrooks. Frames are used but in amazing shape. As you can see from the pics the gray seems to be fading a little on the inside at the end of the arm. Lenses are BRAND NEW. Like to get $OLD shipped CONUS
  30. Fernando

    Sold Scar FMJ Red / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale other awesome scar now the fmj red with black iridium lenses, I wear it many times but ever with much of love, the lenses have cleaning marks but don’t have nothing mayor, the frame have same used mark but is very low and the rubbers still very good, came with bag only SKU...