1. U

    Sold  Never used Original B1B Bike Grips (Yellow / Blue) Display or resell. Sacrifice $165 shipped USA obo

    These had been in my display since the mid 2000s. As far as I know these were made and sold prior to eyewear. I need a few digital bucks at the moment so my loss is your gain. There's a few on feebay for $400 ish. I'd like to get $175 OBO for these with the box that's 90% complete but a bit...
  2. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed B-1B Grip with Donut Stand

    Up for sale is a custom 3D printed Oakley Style B-1B BMX Grip with Donut Stand. The grip, at 5" tall, will fit in a display case vertically or horizontally (using the notch in the reverse side of the donut). Each donut supports up to two grips displayed horizontally (with or without glasses) as...
  3. Csubi

    What gloves are good for MTB and BMX?

    I am currently using my BMW GS Pro gloves for biking. They are good but do not have the Touchscreen Compatibility. My SI account has a few gloves available: Flexion 2.0 Glove Factory Lite Tactical Glove TAA Compliant SI Lightweight 2.0 Glove TAA Compliant For Winter I was thinking the: Pro...
  4. U

    For Sale  Radar Infinte Hero

    Hi guys, I'm selling my whole Oakley Radar collection (about 12 different limited editions). All of them are 100% authentic and in perfect/new condition. Here I am offering a brand new, unworn pair of Radar Infinite Hero. Including soft and hard case, spare nosepiece, badge and all the rest...
  5. Gunn

    ...the unreleased Chrome Fast Jacket on eBay

    On eBay now - a pair you won't find often... OAKLEY FAST JACKET CHROME w/ BLACK IRIDIUM super rare unreleased sample rep pair
  6. Oakster

    Too Many?

    I'd love to see some "overkill" "overboard" or otherwise excessive parts of O collections. After another little shipment of grips today, I feel like I've officially gone overboard! These are all full as well:
  7. T

    Sunday BMX Frogskins

    Ok, So there is a local craigslist listing on a pair of sundays and the guy won't give me a straight price but it looks like he is wanting around $250. I do not know if they come with box and bag. They do come with 2 sets of lenses (original grey I believe and POLO fire), all 4 legs and he says...