book of eli

  1. U

    Sold Inmate - Light / BIP 05-634

    Inmate up for grabs because although I had a previous pair, I just don't prefer them as much these days. One of my all time favorite frames, but the style just isn't my wheelhouse anymore and moving in a different direction. In very good overall condition. Light frame 8/10, BIP lenses 7/10 The...
  2. U

    For Sale 2 sets of Inmate ( book of Eli) in boxes

    Inmate, looking fresh and dope, clean clean with box great all around!! Buy this one and have a set to blow away people! Condition is great all around! No wear or scratches! Take the chance! 250$ >240$ SOLD !including shipping ANYWHERE! Bling! Inmate #2 polished with vr28 black...
  3. Arron1980

    The Book of Eli

    Hi everyone, just after some expert input. I've seen The Book of Eli loads of times but struggle to know what his sunglasses are. They may not be Oakley but they sit real cool on Denzel. Anyone know what they are? The Crosshairs and Tailhooks look close but I don't think they are it. Maybe...