1. TimeTank

    Sold C SIX Alu - No lenses No icons

    C SIX ALU - $600 No Lenses No Icons No serial number "Pre Production" / Prototypes. PM for details if you're actually interested in making an offer. No time for tire-kickers or low-ballers. Scratch upper outside of right lens orbital. Look in pics.
  2. TimeTank


    C SIX Alu Dark Grey Polz No Box No serial number "pre production" Unworn Condition is 8/10 (Few very unnoticeable defects from assembly. Did my best to show in pics: left icon, left temple alu plate, inside right earsock, inside right temple alu plate.) $1200 PM for details
  3. TimeTank

    Sold C SIX Aluminum

    C SIX Alu Dark Grey Polz No Box No serial number Unworn Condition is 9.5/10 $1500 PM for details
  4. nhra345b

    Sold C Six Aluminum New In Box With Tags Everything Included

    Asking $2250. Already have an offer of $2000 for them. The guy that is trying to buy them plans to wear them (which I am okay with) and stated he doesn't care about all the packaging. I prefer a "collector" purchase them as everything is there. I don't care if someone buys them to wear, but I...
  5. bean323

    Sold LNIB C - Six alum. / Conus / #1066 / 2k - OBO

    OBO. After a few requests for better pictures, decided to redo post. (and showing all the items) Forgot about the CD. Also.. complete pack. Only on display. Comes with shipping and insurance. again, CONUS only. Other thread locked.
  6. O

    Sold Prototype C Six Aluminium

    Hello everyone, Been holding off doing this as really do not want too.... For sale is a C Six prototype. Not sure how many of these were put together but not seen another for sale. Box is slightly torn on one corner, sold with everything as seen in the pictures. Elite micro bag is missing...
  7. WraithEye

    X-Metal vs. Carbon Fiber (c six)

    I was looking on EBay to find what was out there in the Oakley world. I came across a couple of C Six posts selling for $25,000 to $35,000. I'm a huge X-Metal fan and really don't see the carbon fiber being a stronger frame, especially since the hinges are still aluminum. What are your...
  8. Paulo Cal

    How much should I pay for a C Six aluminum?

    Someone I know offered to sell me a C Six Aluminum (price TBF), I haven't seen it in person yet, seller claims it is BNIB. Thanks