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    Buying  Caia Koopman Collection - Need Fringe, Immerse and Sweet Spot

    My wife LOVES her Caia Koopman's. Trying to complete the whole collection for her. Need the Fringe, Immerse and Sweet Spot. Would prefer NIB, but let me know what you have.
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    Buying  Or Trading for - THE BOX AND/OR CARD for Caia Koopman Ravishing

    I am looking for the box and / or the poster for the Caia Koopman Ravishing Sunglasses. Willing to buy or reward with some sweet trade bait. Thanks for looking! Here is the box and card/poster on the left side of this picture:
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    Buying  WANT Ravishing Caia Koopman. Can buy have (a white Fuel Cell science to help deal)

    Hello my O family. I am looking for a pair of Ravishing Caia Koopman. They are for a really dear friend to me. I really want to show my appreciation and respect for her, please O people help me out here. I would ideally like the whole set. if not The Oakley sunglasses with matching bag white...