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Buying WANT Ravishing Caia Koopman. Can buy have (a white Fuel Cell science to help deal)


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Hello my O family.
I am looking for a pair of Ravishing Caia Koopman. They are for a really dear friend to me. I really want to show my appreciation and respect for her, please O people help me out here.

I would ideally like the whole set.
if not
The Oakley sunglasses with matching bag
white case would be good.
But they would need to be in really good condition!!

I am happy to buy out right or trade exchange etc to get these for her as a present

Trade or things that I can add to money to help deal.
BNIB white Fuel Cell science - Standard micro bag - My cat er, tore the one it came with.
BNIB blue rubber set for Juliet.
used but unmarked antix ruby lens.

Im UK buyer, purchased from many members from the oakleyforum.
thanks for your time O friends.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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