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    Buying  Ravishing lenses

    Looking for some lenses for the Ravishing frame. Wife needs a new pair; would prefer like new or brand new. Let me know what you've got.
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    Sold  Caia Koopman Ravishing

    Found I had an extra one of these and hoping someone can make use of it. Glasses look brand new and come with Caia Koopman microfiber bag. $125 shipped in the US.
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    Buying  WANT Ravishing Caia Koopman. Can buy have (a white Fuel Cell science to help deal)

    Hello my O family. I am looking for a pair of Ravishing Caia Koopman. They are for a really dear friend to me. I really want to show my appreciation and respect for her, please O people help me out here. I would ideally like the whole set. if not The Oakley sunglasses with matching bag white...